PART of the challenge in bringing up Catholic children today is in finding suitable material for their voracious minds--material that will bring a moral understanding of the world as well as a factual one. Material you can trust not to lead them astray.

In searching for some long-lost, out-of-print books, we have found a treasure trove of just such material. One by one, we are bringing these titles back into print so that today's families can benefit from these lost treasures, at prices that are affordable.


New With the Church, Vol. 1: Advent to the Ascension

by Mother Mary Loyola

Mother Loyola's meditations on the Seasons of the Church.

$17.95 *

The Voyage of the PAX

by Dom Bede Camm, O.S.B.

Another allegory for those who loved King of the Golden City!

$7.75 *
List price $9.95
You save 22 %

A Pictorial Catechism

A newly restored French Catechism from 1862 with stunningly beautiful engravings--now at a lower price!

$15.95 *

Treasure & Tradition: The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass

by Lisa Bergman

A comprehensive look at the Latin Mass, accessible to all ages.

$22.50 *
List price $24.95
You save 10 %

New The Little Children's Prayer Book

by Mother Mary Loyola

Been wishing for a beautiful First Communion gift book suitable for more traditional parishes, especially those with the Latin Mass?  Look no further!  Now at a new low price!

$18.75 *

New Learning to Serve

by Father Charles J. Carmody

A Book for New Altar Boys

$11.95 *
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